ACCJ Charity Art Auction Gala

The ACCJ Kansai Community Service Committee held its first Charity Art Auction Gala to support the Child Chemo House Center in Kobe, Japan. Artists from different parts of Japan and abroad came together for this one-night occasion to support this worthy cause.

Child Chemo House is Japan’s first specialized childhood cancer treatment facility to provide an environment where children with cancer can live with their families during treatment.

The Theme of the event was ‘Henna crowns’; the combination of chemotherapy and art. This is the ancient asian and middle eastern art technique of creating temporary flowering henna tattoos on the heads of women whose hair fell out from the effects of cancer treatment.

Artists Include:

Participating Student Artists From:

Osaka YMCA International School

Canadian Academy

Uriwarinishi Elementary School

Koyo Junior High School

Special guest performance by: jazz pianist Cassandra Peake

Aoi Tiayo was one of the official sponsors for this event.

content for pictures: Photos taken by Dave Dawang at Frenzy Productions Media

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Please continue to support to Child Chemo House and visit: